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Financial Planning Tips That Will Make your Retirement Stress Free

If you haven’t started saving for your retirement, things are not looking good for you. According to retirement experts, at least 70 to 90 percent of your income will be necessary to sustain your living standards during retirement. Here are top tips that will aid in your retirement planning.

Include a retirement planning expert so that you can get the necessary assistance in coming up with a strategy that will remain relevant throughout the years to the date of leaving employment. Besides, the expert will help you to come up with ways of maintaining your focus throughout the years. The best experts are those who are certified financial planners, so make certain to check on qualifications before using their services.

The secret to effective retirement saving is starting as early as possible. Since time and compound interest are top aspects in the calculation of your retirement kitty, an early start will give you a proper head start. Also, the amounts are likely to be more if you start now since that will mean more years of saving than someone who starts the process five years down the line.
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If your boss has a retirement plan in place, make contributions to it. A good example is the 401 (K) plan, which you should contribute to as much as possible so that you can make compound interest your friend. Such contributions will also reduce your tax liability to a great extent.
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Investment vehicles perform differently and the fact that it is impossible to tell how one will perform a few years down the line makes diversification imperative. With diversification, it will be easy for you to decide which investments to cash out and those to hold on some more when your retirement time comes. Persons who start saving late for retirement can use the stock market to catch up with the rest. However, it is also an avenue through which you can lose a lot of cash. Diversifying your investments is, as a result, critical because it will minimize your risks to a considerable extent.

Even if you encounter financial difficulties in a few years time, do not make withdrawals from the retirement savings kitty. An early withdrawal will result in the loss of your principal, interest, and tax benefits, leading to huge losses. You may also incur early withdrawal penalties that may reduce your investment further.

The markets could take a southward turn due to their unpredictable nature, and that could happen just as you are about to stop working and join the retirement sector, making it essential to have a cash cushion. At least two years worth of savings should be in liquid cash to allow you to buffer against a bear market. That amount will let you meet all expenses comfortably as you wait for a return to normalcy in the market.